Mon, 20-06-2022 07:08:05 +0800 Update:

A patch has been applied to IRIS, and it now works in a new tab. Please make sure you have updated your IRIS extension to the latest version. 

In addition, if IRIS is opening in a new tab, we would recommend dragging it out to its own window to ensure Chrome does not automatically refresh it.


Wed, 15-06-2022 16:03:30 +0800 Update:

We believe the version of Chrome or Edge may have something to do with the popup issues. As a result, we have added another recommended mitigation (step 2) to ensure your browsers are updated to the latest version.


Wed, 15-06-2022 08:42:54 +0800 Update:

Step 3 (installing Brave Browser) appears to be a successful workaround.



We have been made aware of an occasional issue with IRIS, where IRIS will open in a new tab instead of popping out as new window. If IRIS opens in a new tab (for whatever reason), then it will not work, and it will get stuck at the screen share part.

Here is a video replicating the related issue:



If this occurs, then please troubleshoot with the following steps:


1. Avoid using a company laptop (or heavily firewall-protected computer)

Company laptops often interfere with IRIS, due to the nature of the platform requiring peripherals such as webcam, audio, etc. It is highly recommended to avoid using a company laptop for your invigilated assessment. If there is another device available, then try using that for your assessment. 

Please ensure that this device also meets the specification requirement:


2. Ensure your browsers are on the latest version

IRIS is optimised to work with the latest versions of your browser. Please ensure you update to the latest version to avoid any issues with your invigilated session:


3. Create a new Chrome Profile

Creating a new Chrome Profile will ensure that any extensions, configurations, or cookies on your main browser are completely removed. When creating a new profile, re-install IRIS, and try and complete your invigilated assessment from that window again. 

Steps to create a new Chrome Profile:


4. Try using another browser (Edge or Brave)

IRIS works on all Chromium-based browsers. As a result, if some policy has been assigned to Google Chrome, then test IRIS on another browser: